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Loan insurance code: The obligations of the different parties to insure a loan

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Insurance Code: Borrower The insured borrower is obliged: To pay the premium or contribution at the agreed times. To answer exactly the questions asked by the insurer, in particular in the form of declaration of the risk by which the insurer questions it at the time of the conclusion of the contract, on the circumstances […]

How to write a letter to a debt collection company about the expiration of debt?

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Many of us are struggling with debts. Younger generations, older generations. In principle, all generations are involved in some debts, some less, others more. This is not always the result of broadly understood financial capacity. Sometimes, debtors are people who, under the Act, should not be them. Younger generations are in a more difficult position, […]

What is a payday loan?

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What is a payday loan? Further editorial at Currently more than 20% of Brazil’s general household income is used only to pay off loan installments, and this includes interest, which can usually be quite heavy. And when it comes to payroll loans, the installments you have on your loan will be deducted directly from […]

For what reason do we take loans from the bank?

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1. The end justifies the means For what reason do we take loans from the bank? The reasons are exactly as much as we create our own needs. Man’s natural desire is to possess material goods, including his own home. For some, it will simply be a nice and comfortable flat. For others, a cottage […]

What is a loan for a promissory note?

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  A loan regardless of your credit history? In today’s article, we will characterize a loan for a promissory note. Who and who can give it to? What are its advantages and disadvantages? We will dispel all doubts in today’s text. First, however, it is worth answering the question: what exactly is a promissory note? […]